• SUP

    SUP is a great way to go around and explore Tsukumo wan Bay with your friends and families between Spring and Autumn. It takes about one to two hours paddling around the bay, you can enjoy watching fish and birds, as well as doing Yoga on SUP. You can even take your kids or dogs on the board for a family experience if you already have some SUP experiences. SUP Fishing early moring and sunset is also fun.

    Rental equipment:
    We will start renting Stand up paddle board with paddle, Fishing and Snorkeling equipmen in summer 2019.
    Price and more information coming soon.


    If you and your family are fishing enthusiasts…. explore Tsukumo wan Bay!

    What types of fish you can catch? Squid, Horse mackerel, Black sea bream, Red sea bream, Perch, Girella, Flat fish, Yellowtail and more!