• Date 2020.07.15

    ika no eki =The squid station

    Ogi Port, which is famous for ship squid in the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture, and Tsukumo wan bay, which has 100 views of Japan.
    The squid station Tsukumall will open in the Tsukumowanbay area on June 20th.
    I want you to taste more squid and know Uchiura, which has a beautiful scenery.
    A facility where the voices of such residents overlap and are completed. Tsukumo wan bay area is a place where you can enjoy Noto, which can enjoy a different sightseeing.
    There is a line-up that you can only enjoy here, such as restaurants where you can enjoy seafood such as squid, local crafts and processed goods, a product sales area lined with agricultural products, Margagelato soft ice cream that is active in the world, and original coffee.
    There are also marine leisure activities such as sightseeing boats.
    Please come to Tsukumobay by all means.
  • Date 2020.07.15

    The beach season has come

    It was raining today.
    It’s almost summer.
    Speaking of summer, bathing in the sea begins.
    In Noto Town, you can swim on Koiji Beach and Goshikigahama.
    open from July 18th.
    In Noto you can swim in the beautiful sea.

    Prease avoid the “Three Cs”